The Evolving Relationship Between Daily Fantasy and Sports Betting

Daily fantasy contests like those from FanDuel originally aimed to funnel users into sports betting apps. This view exists since 2018 when legal U.S. sports betting started. Sports betting earns more profits than fantasy contests. Some compare fantasy contests to casino poker rooms that attract customers but make less money than slots.

Evolution of Daily Fantasy

However, daily fantasy evolved with “picks-style” games similar to prop bets but following fantasy rules. Companies like Underdog Fantasy pioneered these innovative contests. Underdog rolls out its sportsbook in North Carolina next month, raising questions. Will Underdog abandon its base fantasy users as a lead generation tool for sports betting?

Underdog’s CEO Jeremy Levine envisions games-based betting, not traditional European sportsbooks. Americans grow up playing games around sports fandom, not betting. But does Underdog’s North Carolina sports betting app reflect this? Can they pioneer a new betting style? The answers remain unclear.

Coexistence of Fantasy and Betting

Still, can daily fantasy coexist with mainstream U.S. sports betting? Personally, Underdog’s best ball contests satisfy me more than spreads or props. Strategizing lineups has appeal, as do huge contests like the $3 million Best Ball Mania. You compete against other users, not the house.

Ideally, Underdog users play season-long fantasy and bet on single games. Levine wants one user account and wallet across Underdog’s fantasy and North Carolina betting apps. While some criticize DraftKings and FanDuel, DraftKings’ Pick 6 product and bet365’s free contests show more offerings. Do these maintain users or find new ones? Hard to say.

Role of Online Casino

Consider online casino’s role too. For major sportsbooks, casino profits matter most. Markets like Pennsylvania and New Jersey online casino hold importance over fantasy and betting innovation for loyalty. Our “funnel” illustration applies: fantasy users become sports bettors become casino users. Still, betting and fantasy present loyalty opportunities beyond casino cash grabs.

As U.S. sports betting evolves, hopefully the sports fan stays central. More contests, markets, and products should enhance fandom. Underdog rolls out its North Carolina betting apps and promos in this landscape, perhaps redefining the fantasy and betting relationship. Rivals like FanDuel North Carolina promo codes attract users too. Ultimately fans win through innovation.

✅ Fact Checked on February 2, 2024 by Ken Weaver