Once upon a time, the Carolina Panthers chose Bryce Young first in the 2023 NFL draft. Bryce won the Heisman Trophy when he played for Alabama because he was just that good. He was super calm and played great, whether his team was winning or losing. That’s a super important skill for NFL quarterbacks to have.

Now, Bryce is playing his first year with the Panthers, and so far, it’s been a tough ride. The team only won one out of nine games. We thought it would be interesting to see how Bryce’s first year is going compared to other quarterbacks who were picked early in the draft since 2019. This kind of comparison is particularly interesting for fans engaged in North Carolina sports betting, who keenly analyze players’ performances.

We decided to look at the quarterbacks who are new and were picked in the top ten spots in the draft. To make it fair, we guessed how the 2023 quarterbacks would do over a full season of 17 games. One rookie, Anthony Richardson, got hurt and couldn’t play anymore, so we didn’t include him.

Here’s a list of the quarterbacks we looked at:

  • Bryce Young, Panthers (2023, 1st pick): He’s completed about 63% of his passes and thrown for 2,946 yards with 15 touchdowns, but also 13 mistakes called interceptions.
  • C.J. Stroud, Texans (2023, 2nd pick): He’s doing amazing with the Texans. They think he will throw for 4,960 yards, with a 61.6% completion rate, 28 touchdowns, and just four interceptions by the end of the season.

So even though Bryce Young’s first year isn’t going great, there’s hope. Other quarterbacks have had tough starts too but got better. And it’s not just about the first year; sometimes, it takes a bit longer to become a star.

In North Carolina, fans are excited because soon they’ll have online sports betting through platforms like BetMGM North Carolina and other North Carolina sports betting apps. Maybe by the time that starts, Bryce will be playing better, just like Trevor Lawrence did after his first year. These platforms might even offer North Carolina sportsbook promos, adding to the excitement of the games.

So there’s a look at how Bryce Young is doing compared to other recent quarterbacks who were also picked in the top 10. It’s tough at the start, but who knows? Maybe Bryce will become one of the best, just like some of the other quarterbacks on the list.

✅ Fact Checked on January 15, 2024 by Ken Weaver