The Carolina Panthers just picked Bryce Young, a great college quarterback from Alabama, as the first choice in the NFL Draft. He’s going to start playing right away in the first game of the season. The Panthers have a new coach, Frank Reich, who decided Young was ready to lead the team. People who like to bet on sports in North Carolina are keeping an eye on how this will change the Panthers’ chances of doing well this season.

In the history of the Carolina Panthers, there have been some rookie quarterbacks before Bryce Young. Some did well, while others had a tough time. Let’s take a look at how these rookies did when they got the chance to play.

Back in 2011, Cam Newton was also picked first in the draft. He had an amazing first year. In his very first game, Newton threw for more than 400 yards. That season, he scored 34 touchdowns and passed for over 4,000 yards. He even ran for over 700 yards. Newton became a star for the Panthers and led them to many wins, including a nearly perfect season in 2015 that ended with a trip to the Super Bowl.

Before Newton, and after, other rookie quarterbacks for the Panthers didn’t do as well. In 1995, the team’s first year, Kerry Collins started off on the bench but then got to play. He had some good moments and ended with a record of 7 wins and 6 losses. But he also threw more interceptions than touchdowns.

Chris Weinke started in 2001 and had a tough season, winning only one game out of 15. Jimmy Clausen, who played at Notre Dame, also had a hard time in his first year in 2010. His record was just 1 win to 9 losses. Because Clausen didn’t do so well, the Panthers got to pick Newton the next year.

There were other quarterbacks like Matt Moore, PJ Walker, and Kyle Allen who played for the Panthers but didn’t make a big impact before they went to other teams.

For fans of the Panthers, seeing a new rookie quarterback like Bryce Young start brings both excitement and nerves. They hope he can be as good as Cam Newton was in his first year. If Young plays well, the Panthers might have another great quarterback to lead them.

For those who follow the Panthers and like to bet on sports, keep watching to see how Bryce Young does. The team’s chances of winning and their odds in sports betting could change a lot based on his performance.

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The Panthers have a new chance this year with Bryce Young. Everyone’s waiting to see if he’ll be the next big star quarterback for the team. Fans and bettors alike are hoping for a great season.

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✅ Fact Checked on January 14, 2024 by Ken Weaver