Once upon a time in a place called North Carolina, a pretty awesome thing happened for sports fans. There’s this big company named Bet365, which is all about betting on sports, and they decided to join forces with the Charlotte Hornets basketball team. The Hornets are super popular in their hometown of Charlotte, and now, they have a new friend helping to cheer them on, alongside the burgeoning scene of North Carolina sports betting apps.

Starting on a Friday when the Hornets were set to play the Milwaukee Bucks, everyone at the Spectrum Center—the Hornets’ home court—saw the Bet365 logo around the court’s edges. This is because Bet365 became the “Official Mobile Sports Betting Partner” of the Hornets. That’s a fancy way of saying they’re now besties and will work together on sports betting stuff, a domain where Bet65 North Carolina also plays a significant role.

Bet365 isn’t just any regular betting company. They’re huge! They’re based in Britain but have spread their wings to the United States, joining the likes of other North Carolina sports betting platforms. They’re already hanging out in six states and are ready to add North Carolina to their friend list. They’re known for being pretty cool when it comes to letting people bet on games as they’re happening, which is a feature also found in various North Carolina sportsbook promos. They say they have about 90 million friends (customers) all over the world and like to speak in 22 different languages. That’s a lot of talking!

The Hornets are super excited about this new partnership. Jacob Gallagher, who’s like the Hornets’ chief of making money, said they’ve been looking for a partner like Bet365 ever since North Carolina said yes to sports betting at the Spectrum Center. He believes Bet365 is a great match for the Hornets and will help fans have even more fun with their favorite sports, much like the experience offered by other platforms such as BetMGM North Carolina.

Now, here’s the cool thing about sports betting in North Carolina: It’s about to become a big deal. A little while ago, some people called lawmakers passed a rule, House Bill 347, that said sports betting is okay. They even decided that betting companies like Bet365 have to be friends with a big sports team if they want to set up shop in North Carolina, a move that aligns with the growth of North Carolina sports betting apps and promos.

Bet365 is already pretty popular in other places. Over in Ohio, they started working at the beginning of the year and quickly became one of the cool kids on the block. They’re number four when it comes to handling bets and making money from them, even though there are lots of other companies, including North Carolina sports betting entities, trying to do the same thing.

But wait, there’s more! Bet365 loves giving back to people. In Ohio, they gave away over eight million bucks in credits to their customers. That’s like giving each person in a small city $10 just for being awesome. They’re planning on doing similar things in North Carolina, so keep an eye out for special codes and promos, much like those offered by BetMGM North Carolina and other North Carolina sportsbook promos.

So that’s the story of Bet365 and the Charlotte Hornets. They’re teaming up to make watching and betting on the Hornets’ games even more exciting. This friendship is just starting, and it looks like it’s going to be a slam dunk, especially with the growing interest in North Carolina sports betting apps and platforms!

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver